Public Safety

Public Safety
30 Waterman Street
Contact telephone numbers:
EMERGENCY: 401-454-4848
Quad dispatch/after hours emergency repairs: 401-454-6376
Transportation and Details: 401-454-6380

The Department of Public Safety operates twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to provide continuous protection to RISD students, faculty members, staff, visitors, and property.  The Department of Public Safety regularly patrols all RISD property and monitors parking on campus.

Identification Cards
All academic buildings are accessible with your RISD ID Card which functions as a building access card. (Keys to offices, classrooms, projection booths and studios are issued by department and division offices.) Identification Cards are available at the Campus ID Card Services office located at 48 Waterman Street, between 8:30 AM and 3:30 PM, Monday through Friday. Cards are valid during your employment at RISD and can be presented for discounts at the RISD stores, as your RISD library card, your membership card for the RISD Museum, door access, and, when necessary, to verify employment status.

You must have your RISD ID Card with you at all times when you are on campus. If your RISD ID Card is lost or stolen, promptly contact Public Safety (454-6376) to have it deactivated. You will then need to contact Campus Card Services to acquire a replacement card. RISD ID Cards also allow members of the RISD Community free access to regularly scheduled RIPTA service including the Providence and Newport Trolleys. When boarding a RIPTA bus or trolley, you must swipe your ID through the farebox. Visit for schedule information and online system maps.

Building Access Visitor PIN Codes
A PIN Code system has been set up for visitors to the school who do not have access to buildings.  The PIN Code is effective Monday through Friday, 7:00am to 5:00pm and a new PIN Code is released on the RISD Intranet every Sunday for the week. The weekly PIN Code may be found on Webadvisor. RISD Staff and Faculty may give the PIN Code to trusted visitors to the school when it is not possible for someone to meet them to give them physical access. The PIN Code number should not be posted anywhere and should only be given to trusted guests.

Code Blue Phones
Code Blue is an electronic, interactive, voice emergency communication and lighting system. In the event of an emergency, Code Blue can be activated with a single touch of the red button labeled “PUSH FOR HELP”. Code Blue will immediately and automatically dial the Public Safety Quad Dispatch office. Once communication is established, the dispatcher can identify the specific emergency phone being activated and will immediately dispatch an Officer for assistance. The strobe is automatically activated when the red button is pushed and will deactivate when the call is terminated.  The highly visible Code Blue units are prominently deployed throughout the campus. Any member of the RISD Community can use them to request services, report suspicious activity or people, or crimes in progress.

RISD Rides
RISD provides a shuttle service called RISD Rides which has two fixed routes serving downcity and the East Side from 7pm to Midnight (6pm to Midnight Nov. 2 – Mar. 8). After Midnight until 3:30am there is a service called To-Your-Door which picks people up at four designated campus locations and drops them off at their home within the designated service areas. For details: RISD Rides

Special Events and Installations
Public Safety must be advised of all functions taking place on or in the vicinity of the campus.
Any large, or potentially large event held on campus requires the presence of a RISD Public Safety Officer(s). Any event where Providence Police, the Providence Fire Department, or private security is hired requires the presence of a RISD Public Safety Officer(s). Any arrangements for Providence Police, Providence Fire, or private security details on the RISD campus or at off campus RISD events should be arranged through the Department of Public Safety. For further information on special events, please see the Detail/Event Guidelines on the Department of Public Safety intranet page or contact the Department of Public Safety.

Building security for RISD Events:
Any event on campus that is open to the public or requires a building’s doors to be unsecured may also require the presence of a RISD Public Safety Officer regardless of size. Please contact the Department of Public Safety to discuss the details of your event to determine if a Public Safety Officer will be needed.

Alcohol at RISD Events:
Any RISD event held on or off campus where alcohol is served requires the presence of a RISD Public Safety Officer. An Alcohol Use Form must be completed for any event where alcohol will be served. The Alcohol Use form is available on the Department of Public Safety Intranet page under the Documents section, or at the Department of Public Safety.  Any alcohol served on campus must be arranged for with the Dining + Catering Services and served by a TIPS Certified bartender hired by Dining + Catering Services.

Artwork Installations on RISD’s campus
Both the Department of Public Safety and Facilities must approve any artwork installed on campus grounds.  Installation Site/Crit Applications are available through the Department of Public Safety.

It is imperative that the Department of Public Safety receives timely notification of your event. If the Department is unable to get an Officer to fill a detail due to last minute notification, the event may need to be cancelled. All detail requirements are at the discretion of the Director of Public Safety or his/her designee.

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