Office of Student Involvement

Office of Student Involvement
Carr House, 1st floor

Don Morton, Director

The Office of Student Involvement promotes an environment supportive of students’ cultural, social, and intellectual development. The Office advises and serves as a liaison linking students, faculty, and administration.  This critical link is managed through associations such as the Student Alliance, the Graduate Student Alliance, Departmental Student Alliances, etc.

The Office of Student Involvement provides support and advice for other student organizations as well.

Students are invited to form new organizations and clubs or revive old ones by discussing their proposal with a member of the Office’s staff, who will offer advice and explain the procedure.  Virtually all student organizations are self-governing, allowing maximum freedom to those involved.  Among the most recent groups are: Anime Club, Asian Cultural Association, Climbing Club, Soccer, and Basketball, Hockey and Volleyball clubs.

The Office of Student Involvement maintains a number of community centers—the Carr Haus Coffee Shop, Catanzaro Student Center, Tap Room–that provide physical space for the informal exchange of ideas to flourish and for necessary relief from the often relentless challenges of academic life. Student administration of these spaces provides an on-going learning experience that adds to the educational experience.  All members of the RISD community are welcome to visit these spaces and are encouraged to participate in the Office’s program of sports, recreational, and extracurricular activities.

The Office of Student Involvement also offers legal services once a week for currently enrolled students which are completely confidential and free, thanks to the sponsorship of the Student Alliance. Appointments are scheduled with the Office (401-454-6610).

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