RISD Global Engagement and Curricular Development Fund

The goal of the fund is to support faculty in developing curriculum that seeks to engage students with specific geographies, traditions and heritages of making, and global issues facing our world today.

In its inaugural year, the fund supported six faculty to conduct research that explores traditions of print making in China, the role of women in collectives, and the impact of the recent opening-up of relations between the United States and Cuba on local communities, among others. Since then faculty have conducted research in countries across the continent of Africa on issues ranging from the history of slavery to urban design in Tanzania, while others looked at the history of printmaking in Cuba and textile manufacturing within a global context.

The fund will support successful applicants to travel for the development of future, globally engaged on- or off-campus programs and courses. Particular interest will be paid to applications that seek to engage with the continent of Africa and South and Central America.

RISD’s Global Engagement for Curricular Development fund furthers the College’s mission to “[make] lasting contributions to a global society through critical thinking, scholarship and innovation” through its support of the development of curriculum that seeks to:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between local and global issues
  • use knowledge of diverse cultural frames of reference, practice and alternate perspectives to think critically and solve problems
  • underscore the importance of an openness to cultural difference and ambiguity, and
  • ask, with our students, what are the most pressing global issues of our times and how can artists and designers respond to these to create change and positive impact?
  • interrogate the relationship between globalization, its flows, networks and frictions, and art and design practices today.

Full- and part-time faculty members are invited to submit an application to the fund. Support will cover all travel including flights, accommodations, ground transportation, and networking.

Applications should include an approximatly 1000 word proposal that:

  • addresses the goals of the proposed global engagement
  • provides a justification for the culture, community/ies, and/or location you will visit/engage with
  • outlines how this exploration fits into a specific area of a department’s curriculum, whether in a major, concentration, electives, Experimental and Foundation Studies, or graduate program
  • discusses whether the proposed plan fits within an existing or new area of research, professional or creative practice

In addition, all proposals should include a draft budget and timeline for the proposed exploratory site visit. A sub-committee of the Deans’ Council and the Director of RISD Global will review the proposals.

Proposal deadline: November 18th, 2018

Fund recipients will provide a report and share their experiences as part of a moderated panel discussion for the RISD community; and RISD Global + the Dean of Faculty will follow-up to stay apprised of the course development and implementation.

Please email Patricia Barbeito, Associate Provost and Dean of Faculty (pbarbeit@risd.edu), or Gwen Farrelly, Director of RISD Global (gfarrell@risd.edu) with any questions.

To apply:

Please use the Academic Affairs grant portal, which can be found here:


Note: Faculty members no longer have to submit a Notification to Submit an Application and may apply directly using the link above.

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