Fiscal Management for your grant

Janine Connelly, Senior Budget Analyst
20 Washington Place, room 404,
(401) 454-6594

Many foundations and agencies will not award grant money to individuals but will allow an established 501c3 not-for-profit organization such as RISD to serve as fiscal agent for an individual’s grant. A fiscal agent guarantees the grantor that the funds will be spent according to the grantor’s guidelines and for the project submitted, that the project will adhere to the budget submitted for the project, and that the grantor will receive post-project reporting. Janine Connelly can serve as fiscal agent for your personal grant if you submit your full project proposal and line-item budget to her and name her as your fiscal agent in your proposal submitted. Please note that all monies received on your behalf by RISD must be expended according to RISD’s audit practices (receipted expenses, W9 forms for subcontractors, etc.)

Monies accepted on your behalf are held in a restricted Fiscal Management account and cannot be spent by RISD. All payments and expense reports relative to your project are executed and signed by Janine Connelly on your behalf.


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