Graduate Research Assistantships

Graduate Research Assistantships are applied for and funded through the Professional Development Fund.

Research Assistants are graduate students engaged in faculty-guided research.

Research Assistantships include compensation for the student and are meaningful educational and research experiences appropriate for graduate level work.

Research Assistantships are not work-for-hire.

Full-time RISD faculty and part-time RISD faculty with two years of service can apply for research project support in the form of Graduate Research Assistantships.  Note: Prior recipients of Graduate Studies Funded Research Assistantships must have submitted a final report to be eligible to apply again.

If the request is approved by the Professional Development Fund committee, a Research Assistantship contract is generated for the graduate student based on the information provided by the supervising faculty member. Payment is made through RISD’s monthly payroll or can be directly applied to the graduate student’s tuition account upon request.

Faculty receiving a graduate research assistant will write a final report in accordance with the guidelines for the Professional Development Fund.  The Research Assistant will also complete a brief evaluation of their experience.

Application deadlines: First Wednesday in November and April.

To apply:

Please use the Academic Affairs grant portal, which can be found here:

Note: Faculty members no longer have to submit a Notification to Submit an Application and may apply directly using the link above.

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