Internal Professional and Curriculum Development Funding Opportunities

RISD is committed to providing support for curriculum development and individual professional development to recognize and encourage excellence in teaching and research. With funding from the strategic plan, and through the generosity of trustee, alumni and foundation donors, we have expanded funding opportunities that help to realize strategic initiatives, and that ensure we are proactively engaged in the global discourse in art and design education, and higher education in general.

Through these funds, we are facilitating faculty efforts to enrich curricular offerings, developing support for existing and new disciplinary and interdisciplinary courses, and ensuring that faculty receive ongoing training in the use of new teaching and learning technologies. These efforts also allow us to offer our students options for more flexibility and access to a broader range of learning opportunities by developing shared courses based on cross-curricular knowledge, promoting greater collaboration across divisions and departments, and allowing the exploration of new forms of course development.

Academic Affairs is pleased to announce the launch of the new grants application portal provided by our vendor InfoReady. This new portal will become the method by which faculty members will apply for the majority of internal grants. The portal can be accessed by following this link:

Note: Faculty members no longer have to submit a Notification to Submit an Application and may apply directly using the link above.

A user guide introducing the new grants platform can be found here: InfoReady User Guide

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