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Co-Works Studio is an interdisciplinary fabrication lab and cross-departmental nexus for the RISD community. Offering a unique selection of both advanced digital and traditional making technologies, we engage all departments and disciplines in experimentation, research, and collaboration outside of standard curriculum.

Co-Works equipment includes 3D printing, 3D scanning, a range of CNC equipment, laser cutting, vacuum forming, machine embroidery and knitting, industrial sewing, foam cutting, UV and large format printing, and more.

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What Type of Work is Co-Works For?

Co-Works is not set-up as a service provider or production facility, we do not have the capacity to support high-volume output. Although, we are working hard to grow our capacities, at this point we are only able to support students and classes hosted by the space. Additionally, these students must respect that studio resources are not for executing assignments from all their classes, especially, in situations calling for multiples or larger scales.

In line with this ethos, Co-Works is best equipped for the initial stages of research, experimentation, and prototyping. Often we can refer students to local service providers that can support larger scales, multiples, and end stages of production.








David Kim
Technology & Programming Manager

Timothy Sandiford
Academic Affairs Coordinator


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