Old Library: Equipment, Technical Specifications, and Rules of Use

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This page contains information on the audio and lighting equipment currently installed in the Old Library along with basic instructions on use. These instructions are meant to help individuals who are already familiar with sound and audio systems. If you require training or have any questions regarding the use and modification of the audio or lighting systems please contact Dylan Costa (dcosta@risd.edu ).

Rules of Use

Please download and fully review this PDF document for the Rules of Use. All groups or individuals using the space will be expected to conform to these expectations. If users are found in breach of these rules then they can have their current booking terminated, have restrictions placed on future use, or in incidences of damage to the room or equipment have the costs of repair charged to their student or department account.


The maximum capacity of the Old Library is 50 people seated. If you expect more than 50 people indicate that at the time of booking.

If you are serving alcohol at your event (see here for RISD’s alcohol use policy) you may not use or access the Mezzanine level of the Old Library.

Old Library Rules of Use (PDF): CB-521-Usage-Guidelines-09_2018

Technical Information

This document contains technical information on the Old Library including; audio and theatrical lighting systems specifications, floor plans, elevations, audio system workflows, and the audio and lighting system layout diagrams.

Technical Information (PDF): RISD CB 521 Technical Info 4-15-16

Basic Instructions

This document contain basic information on the operation of the audio systems. Please, contact Dylan Costa (dcosta@risd.edu) if you require more in-depth training on the use of the sound systems.

Basic Audio Instructions (PDF): CB 521 Basic Sound Instructions 4-7-16


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