Digication Troubleshooting

Digication Troubleshooting (FAQs and Common Errors)


Do faculty and students have access to Digication?
Yes, all active faculty and students have access and should use their RISD account credentials to sign in.

Do staff have access to Digication?
No, this application is primarily used by faculty & students.

How do I access Digication?
Visit: http://risd.digication.com. Login with your RISD account credentials.


Common Errors

Cannot login to Digication

Verify you are using your RISD account credentials (username & password).  Contact the IT Service Desk at 401.454-6106 if your account is not working.

Course information in Digication is not accurate

Contact the IT Service Desk at 401.454-6106 if your course information is not accurate.  IT Services will attempt to resolve the issue and reach out to Digication if necessary.



Support Contacts:

RISD Technical Support
Contact: IT Service Desk

Digication Application and Service Support
Contact: Digication
[Tel] 1.888.342.DIGI
[Fax] 1.401.633.6131
[Email] info@digication.com


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