Digication is an integrated e-portfolio and online learning community that gives students and teachers the ability to easily showcase work, organize course materials, community activities, and events. Groups are set up for all RISD courses and are automatically populated with the students registered for a given course, making sending group communications easy for faculty members. The digication site includes an easy to follow user’s guide and from time to time Academic Affairs hosts introductory workshops on how to use the site. In addition, departments and division may request specialized training for groups of faculty.

Faculty and students can create e-Portfolio websites to share their work and ideas online and receive feedback if desired.

Faculty can create course specific discussion groups and post course materials online such as announcements, assignments, course links, discussions, handouts, resources, and syllabi as easily as sending an email. Faculty can respond to student postings publicly or privately, and record attendance and grade assignments through an intuitive, user-friendly interface.  Students can engage in online discussions with teachers and peers, easily submit assignments as text and media attachments, and receive important notifications about their courses.

All current RISD students and faculty have an account. The system can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection, on and off campus at: http://risd.digication.com

To log in, fill in your RISD e-mail username and password and click the Submit button.

For an introduction to using the tool visit the Digication Information Channel.


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