Brown|RISD Dual Degree

The Brown|RISD Dual Degree is a five-year program of interdisciplinary education, utilizing both institutions as its campus. The program confers upon the successful graduate a Bachelor of Arts degree (or, more exceptionally, a Bachelor of Science degree) from Brown and a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from RISD. It is offered to a select number of students who apply to and are accepted by both institutions, and who are additionally approved by a joint Brown|RISD Dual Degree Admissions Committee for admission to the Dual Degree Program.  Current students, readmits, and new transfer students are not eligible.

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Brown|RISD Dual Degree Advising
Students in the Dual Degree Program may avail themselves of the full range of advising resources at Brown and RISD. Each institution has designated a Dual Degree advising coordinator for students in the Program.  In addition, Dual Degree students will be assigned an individual faculty advisor on each campus in keeping with the existing practices of each institution.

Because completion of the Dual Degree involves fulfilling the degree requirements for both Brown and RISD in an accelerated fashion, it will be essential for students to work closely with their academic advisors on planning and scheduling issues from the very beginning of the Program. During Year One students will be assigned a faculty advisor from the Experimental & Foundation Studies Program at RISD. They will also meet with the Dual Degree advising coordinators at both institutions to discuss their overall academic plan.

Students must declare their RISD major in March of Year Two and their Brown concentration prior to December of Year Three. In preparations, students will work with the Dual Degree advising coordinators and faculty advisors from their anticipated major at RISD and concentration at Brown to develop a comprehensive plan of study that includes a year-by-year description of their planned coursework. Once this plan is approved, students will work with faculty advisors from their major and concentration and the Dual Degree advising coordinators to coordinate scheduling and registration for classes and assure completion of all graduation requirements for the Program.

Brown Program requirements

RISD Program requirements (Select major department)


Barbara Von Eckardt, Professor, HPSS, RISD Liaison

Michele Zager, Assistant Director and Academic Advisor

Christopher Dennis, Deputy Dean of the College, Brown Program Co-Chair, 401-863-6244


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