Registrar’s Office

Alison Sherman
RISD Registrar

Diane Walker
Associate Registrar for Operations and Curriculum

The Registrar’s Office manages the Academic Calendar, courses, scheduling, registration, room reservations, transcripts, curricula and other issues regarding academic records and registration. The Office maintains a robust website ( and circulates digital updates and reminders via RISD e-mail in order to communicate with faculty in an efficient manner. Policies are posted at  Academic Policies and are published as well in the yearly Course Announcement.

Who Reports to the Registrar?


Holly Pimentel
Assistant Registrar, Scheduling & Curriculum
(401) 454-6152

Kasey Kniffin
Assistant Registrar, Enrollment

Michael Orlandi
Assistant Registrar, Registration

Christine Lima
Registrar Services Operational Assistant
(401) 454-6151

Libby Rodriguez
Registrar’s Office Assistant
(401) 454-6154

Brianna Smith
Registrar’s Office Assistant
(401) 709-8425

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