Center for Arts and Language

2 College Street, Rm. 240
Jennifer Liese, Director


The Center for Arts & Language supports student development and efficacy in three areas: 1) written, spoken, and visual communication; 2) multilingual learning; and 3) student publications. We engage with all kinds of compositions—from academic research papers to graduate written theses to grant applications to class presentations—at all stages of the creative process.

Our primary service is free one-hour, one-on-one peer tutoring sessions. Tutoring is a collaborative process focused on clarifying intent, activating strategies, and building confidence. Tutors are RISD students—strong communicators and thoughtful listeners trained in theory and practice. We also offer professional mentoring, workshops, and programs.

Students of all abilities and intentions find the tutoring process to be helpful in clarifying both their language and their thinking. While an individual project is generally the focus of a tutoring session, our ultimate goal is to help students become actively engaged in developing skills over time. Instead of comprehensively correcting papers, for example, we help students learn to develop and revise their own writing.

The Center welcomes faculty to visit us and learn more. A&L offers handouts and video tutorials on grammar, rhetoric, and documentation that students and faculty can download from our website. Links to recommended articles on teaching writing and related literacies can be found on the Academic Affairs website. Informational visits to classes and in-class workshops led by A&L staff can be arranged. Faculty referrals of students are welcome; please call or e-mail Jennifer Liese directly to discuss students you are concerned with.

Hours: Monday-Thursday 10:00-4:00 and 6:00-8:00; Friday 10:00-4:00; Saturday and Sunday 12:00-6:00. Students may stop in, call, e-mail, or sign up at our website for a one-hour appointment.





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