Studio Space Safety Agreement

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Studio Space Safety Agreement

In accepting a studio assignment, you agree to the following terms and conditions. Violations may result in RISD taking disciplinary action, including terminating your studio privileges, closing your studio access, and recovering costs to repair excessive damage to RISD buildings, grounds and equipment. RISD Officials may inspect the studio at any time. RISD Officials may confiscate anything from a studio deemed to be a violation of this agreement, or that presents a safety concern.

This Studio Space/Studio Practice Agreement comprises the GENERAL CONDITIONS outlined below.  All activities in the studio must also be conducted in compliance with all Environmental Health & Safety Policies and Regulations, RISD Public Safety Policies, the Student Handbook, and with any additional directions and requests of any RISD official. The Student Handbook is completely incorporated by reference into this document. In addition, studio departments may require that students using their facilities read and sign a DEPARTMENTAL ADDENDUM on studio conditions and concerns specific to that department.


Studio Environment

(“Studio” pertains to all RISD academic facilities where student work is performed)

  • The studio may be used only for conducting RISD-related educational work, only during scheduled building access hours (see published schedule distributed by the Office of the Registrar), and only by the student assigned to the space. Specific authorization must be obtained, in advance and in writing, for any other use or user. Studios may not be traded or sublet to other RISD students without written consent from the department that assigned the studio. Studios may never be used for personal storage or as social or living space.
  • The studio must be maintained in a clean and orderly condition at all times, consistent with proper use.
  • All designated fire corridors must be kept free of obstructions. Stairways, hallways and other common areas must be kept open and free of obstruction as well. Bicycles must be managed according to published RISD BICYCLE POLICIES. Do not block stairwells, hallways, doorways or any egress.
  • Windows may not be blocked except by RISD-approved shades or blinds. Window unit portable air conditioners are expressly forbidden.
  • Draping of fabric over doorways and egress routes is expressly prohibited.
  • Defacement of any RISD property (e.g. graffiti, tagging) is prohibited and will result in fines to cover the cost of damage repair.
  • At the conclusion of studio occupancy, it must be left clean and in good condition, notwithstanding reasonable wear and tear. The studio must be clean, all personal belongings and debris must be removed, and walls returned to original condition, including painting if necessary. Students who vacate studios with serious damage or excessive amounts of trash or personal belongings left behind will be charged the costs of clean up.



Materials Safety –

  • All paints, solvents, cements and chemicals must be kept in properly HMIS-labeled containers appropriate to their use. All such materials, when not in use, must be stored in the Yellow Safety Cabinets provided. You should obtain the Material Safety Data Sheet for any material used and use personal safety equipment (goggles, gloves, aprons, etc.) when using toxic materials. Obey all Prohibited Discharge policies per instructions posted at sinks.
  • Chemicals, materials, and equipment specifically prohibited by your Department may not be used or kept in the studio.
  • Clay and plaster may be used only in specifically designated studios, and residual dust must be contained for disposal. Do not put clay and plaster down the sinks!!!
  • Trash, rags, and empty containers that contain or have come in contact with flammables must be disposed of in the Red Containers.
  • Open flames are expressly forbidden in all RISD Studios unless a DEPARTMENTAL ADDENDUM specifically provides for a permissible location and practices.
  • Personal electrical appliances, such as portable heaters, hot plates and hot air guns are not permitted unless a DEPARTMENTAL ADDENDUM specifically provides for a permissible location and practices.
  • Extension cords must be commercial grade and must be used in a safe and appropriate manner.
  • All Installation Art (outdoors/indoors) requires a pre-approved Installation Site Permit Form. These forms should be turned into your instructor/department head in advance of any installations outside the studio.
  • All materials and chemicals used to pursue RISD’s educational programs must be used in accordance with all applicable laws, regulations and RISD Policies, including Acquisition, Storage and Disposal.
  • Explosives, firearms, biological agents, or other such materials are expressly forbidden at RISD.


Behavior –

  • Smoking is not permitted in any RISD building or entryways at any time.
  • The possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in all RISD facilities unless you have obtained prior approval in accordance with RISD’s Guidelines for the Service and Consumption of Alcohol on Campus.
  • The possession and/or use of illegal drugs at RISD is strictly prohibited.
  • Animals (other than authorized service animals) are not allowed inside RISD buildings.
  • It is recommended that studio doors be locked from the outside to prevent unauthorized access and potential thefts. Doors propped open (especially with fire extinguishers) represent a tremendous safety and security hazard.
  • Students are expressly forbidden on all RISD rooftops at all times.
  • Anyone with knowledge of a chemical or other hazardous material spill in any RISD facility must immediately report the spill to Public Safety at 277-4848 or 454-6666.
  • Students must react immediately to fire alarms/evacuation announcements.
  • RISD is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal property brought into or left in the studio.



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