Associate Provost Research | Global | Practice

Scheri Fultineer
Associate Provost of Research | Global | Practice
Dean, Architecture+Design
401-454-6580 |

The Associate Provost of Research|Global|Practice oversees the following areas:

  • Research

  • Partnered Projects and Executive Education

  • Global Education

  • Continuing Education

  • Careers

Who Reports to the Associate Provost of Research | Global | Practice?

Alice Geoffrey, Administrative Assistant
401-277-4946 |

Sarah Caggiano
Executive Director, Continuing Education

Gwendolyn Farrelly
Director, RISD Global

Daniel Hewett
Executive Director, RISD Research

Kevin Jankowski
Director, RISD Career Center

Lizzi Ross
Associate Director, Executive Education

Charlie Cannon
Assistant Dean, Architecture + Design

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