Division of Experimental & Foundation Studies

The Division of Experimental & Foundation Studies (EFS) offers a year-long sequence of courses required for all undergraduate students: Drawing, Design, and Spatial Dynamics. Freshman students and some transfer students take two semesters of each Foundation course. Freshman students elect a major during Wintersession. EFS offers a Summer Program as well for transfer students who need to strengthen some skills before entering the major.

The graduate program in Digital+Media, and concentrations in Drawing and Computation, Technology and Culture are part of EFS.

Joanne Stryker, Dean
Waterman Building, 1st floor
401-454-6177 | jstryker@risd.edu

Shawn Greenlee, Programs Head
401-454-6176 | sgreenle@risd.edu

Carol Lasch, Advising Coordinator

Clement Valla
Concentration Coordinator, Computation, Technology & Culture

Masha Ryskin
Concentration Coordinator, Drawing (FALL)

Deborah Zlotsky
Concentration Coordinator, Drawing (WS+SP)

Diane Blair, Office Supervisor
401-454-6672 | dblair@risd.edu

Karen Zucconi, Department Coordinator
401-454-6176 | kzucconi@risd.edu

Elliot Clapp, Digital Education Manager
401-454-6176 | eclapp@risd.edu

Paul Virgadamo, Computer Laboratory Technician
401-454-6109 | pvirgada@risd.edu

McDonald Wright, Technical Assistant
401-454-6761 | mwright@risd.edu

George Dyment, Technical Assistant
401-454-6699 | gdymen01@risd.edu

Shane Richards, Technical Assistant
401-277-4840 | srichard@risd.edu

Evan Finkle, Digital Fabrication Technician

Full-time Faculty
Mitchell (Mickey) Ackerman, Professor
Alejandro Borsani, Assistant Professor
Miriam Cabell, Assistant Professor
Dawn Clements, Assistant Professor
Lee Dejasu, Associate Professor
Kai Franz, Assistant Professor
Adela Goldbard, Assistant Professor
Paula Gaetano-Adi, Associate Professor
Shawn Greenlee, Associate Professor
Leslie Hirst, Associate Professor
Elinore Hollinshead, Professor
Kenneth Horii, Professor
Gareth Jones, Professor
Carol Lasch, Associate Professor
Daniel Lefcourt, Associate Professor
Mark Milloff, Professor
Thomas Mills, Professor (leave)
Todd Moore, Professor
Norman Paris, Associate Professor
Rachel Rosenkrantz, Assistant Professor (TERM)
Masha Ryskin, Assistant Professor
David Scanavino, Assistant Professor
Gwen Strahle, Assistant Professor (TERM)
Jonathan Sylvia, Assistant Professor (TERM)
Clement Valla, Assistant Professor
Deborah Zlotsky, Associate Professor

Part-time Faculty
Luis Alonso, Senior Critic
Jonathan Bonner, Senior Critic
Mark Cetilia, Critic
Deborah Coolidge, Senior Critic
Alba Corrado, Senior Critic
Hilary Doyle, Critic
Yizhak Elyashiv, Senior Critic
Nicholas Evans-Cato, Senior Critic
Patricia Ginther, Senior Critic
Alfredo Gisholt, Critic
Amy Goodwin, Critic
Luli Heintz, Critic
Martie Holmer, Senior Critic
Nicole Juen, Critic
Michael Lamar, Senior Critic
Lucia Monge, Critic
Chris Novello, Critic
James (Jim) Peters, Critic
Pamela Unwin-Barkley, Senior Critic

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