RISD Academic Program Review (APR)

RISD Academic Program Review (APR)

General Overview

RISD’s Academic Program Review (APR) process ensures the overall quality and integrity of academic programs at RISD. Its goals are:

  • To facilitate regular program assessment, including reflection about program mission, evaluation of learning outcomes, and development of key questions for planning;
  • To contextualize program development within broader currents of the relevant field or discipline;
  • To use evidence gathered from integrated planning to support decision making in regards to the needs of the program;
  • To meet ongoing expectations of institutional accreditation.

Programs are reviewed every 6-7 years; in some cases, professional accreditation reviews substitute for academic program review (Architecture, Landscape and TLAD’s MAT are visited by their own licensing agency). The program review schedule is developed and maintained by the Office of the Vice Provost, which also provides necessary staff support and guidance for departments.

The process involves: 1) a self-study, 2) a visit and report by an external review committee, and 3) the generation of a planning document for the program, 4) and final presentation to the division dean and the Office of the Provost. The overall the process, from self-study to final presentations, should take no more than two years.

Additional information:

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