2020 Sabbatical Presentations

Sabbatical presentations provide a forum for faculty returning from sabbatical leave to share discoveries, insights, and new work with the community. We invite you to attend informal presentations and learn more about the ways our faculty are exploring their fields and creating new knowledge.

Below are the rescheduled dates for the 2020 Sabbatical Presentations:

Events are closed to the internal RISD community. Zoom registration information will be emailed to the campus ahead of each session and can be found on the Academic Events google calendar.

Original Schedule:

In March 2020, all Sabbatical Presentations were postponed.

UPDATED: 03.01.2020: Mike Fink’s sabbatical presentation has been rescheduled for Wednesday, April 15 at 12pm.

UPDATED 3.10.2020: Daniel Lefcourt’s presentation has moved to Wednesday, April 22.

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