Graphic Design Academic Program Review Campus Visit

Related to Graphic Design’s self-study, an Academic Program Review (APR) committee will visit RISD, May 21 through 23, 2018. The members are:

Juliette Cezzar, Graphic Design APR Chair, Assistant Professor, Communication Design, The New School

Rachel Berger, Chair, Graphic Design, California College of the Arts

Emmet Byrne, Design Director/Associate Curator of Design, Walker Art Center

Anther Kiley, Co-Director, School of Art, Graphic Design, California Institute of the Arts.

The APR is RISD’s process for assessing the quality and effectiveness of our academic programs and to stimulate program planning and development. In the spirit of reflexivity, the process has been revised to be more integrated and to provide a productive tool to support department planning over the following five years.

For the academic program, the intent is to ensure the quality and effectiveness of the academic program and to support the departmental mission and strategic priorities.

For our students, the intent is to continue to offer them a powerful educational experience and to ensure relevance and connection to their chosen field of study.

For the college’s resources, the intent is to support the planning and budgeting processes of the school and promote fairness and efficiency in the allocation of resources.

For integrated strategic planning, the intent is to ensure that current and proposed activities are consistent with school strategic priorities and to respond systematically and efficiently to requirements for self-assessment from NEASC and other accrediting agencies.

For connectivity, the intent is to encourage internal collaboration and purposefully develop external networks and connections.

Academic Program Review, campus visit, Graphic Design

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