RISD Architecture Wins ACSA Award for Southlight

The RISD Department of Architecture received the Collaborative Practice award for the Southlight project at the most recent annual meeting of the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA). The Collaborative Practice award recognizes programs and projects that demonstrate how faculty, students, and community/civic clients work to realize common objectives. The project was a collaboration between RISD, the City of Providence, and the Southside Cultural Center of Rhode Island, and was led by Architecture faculty Elettra Bordonaro, Laura Briggs, Aaron Forrest, and Yasmin Vobis, and Landscape Architecture faculty member Katy Foley.

The project encompassed the design and construction of a new performance pavilion and public garden in the parking lot of the the Southside Cultural Center, beginning in Fall 2015 and ending in Fall 2016. Nearly fifty RISD students participated in the design and construction of the project, with significant engagement with area residents and stakeholders along the way.


Images Credit: Naho Kubota (Top) and Jo Sittenfeld (Middle)

Aaron Forrest, Architecture, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture, Collaborative Practice Award, Elettra Bordonaro, Katy Foley, Laura Briggs, Southlight, Yasmin Vobis

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