CfP: 2018 AICAD Symposium

​2018 AICAD Symposium Call for Proposals

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) seeks proposals for presentations to be delivered at the 2018 Association of Independent Colleges of Art and Design (AICAD) Symposium, Artists/Designers/Citizens, which will be held in Chicago from November 7–9, 2018. The overarching topic of the symposium concerns how the practice and study of art and design are central to the meaning, acts, and affinities known as “citizenship.” Throughout the symposium, citizenship will be conceived broadly, including, but not limited to, the ways in which citizenship is both social (how individuals interact with one another) and political (how individuals and groups interact with government); that habits of citizenship and demands for enfranchisement often precede an official or legal status; how citizenship exists at a range of scales, from the local to the global; and examples of studio-based or academy-focused contributions to art, design, and scholarship that draw inspiration from and/or have genuine impact within the larger world. Presentations from multiple perspectives are encouraged so that, as a whole, the symposium will feature a range of art and design ideas, practices, and curricula that participate in a culture that bends toward liberty.

In an effort to engage broad participation from across AICAD member schools, prospective presenters are encouraged to propose, in addition to the traditional topical presentation, entire topical panels, focused panels that specifically share how AICAD schools each manage issues of citizenship, and short presentations for high-energy exchanges. Categories for proposals are described below:

Call for Presentations
In the typical model at AICAD conferences, SAIC is accepting individual and small group proposals to make a presentation, approximately 15 minutes in length, on a topic related to the themes of Artists/Designers/Citizens. Presentations will be arranged by the host school into 90-minute panel events, during which three to five panelists will present, to be followed by a question-and-answer period of not less than 20 minutes. Apply for a presentation here.

Call for Panels
SAIC is also accepting proposals for whole-panel presentations, so a school or, ideally, collaborations across schools, can propose a sustained conversation. The format for these panels is imagined to be generally the same as in the call for presentations, with each panel anticipating three to five panelists for a 90-minute duration, including at least 20 minutes for discussion. However, the duration and delivery of each panelist is more flexible and innovative presentations are encouraged. Apply for a panel here.

Call for Murmurs and Manifestos
In the most innovative format, faculty and students from member schools are encouraged to share an idea, ask a question, submit a complaint, or advance an argument for no more than 10 minutes, followed by five minutes of audience response. These murmurs and manifestos will also be grouped into 90-minute blocks of time. However, they are intended to be less cohesive overall to encourage more voices and ideas getting heard. Performative and experimental presentations, including artistic interventions that do not easily conform to the highly language-based, panel/presentation format, are encouraged. Apply for murmurs and manifestos here.

Call for Panels on How Schools Manage Issues of Citizenship
Finally, SAIC is also accepting proposals for whole-panel presentations from individual schools to specifically showcase how different institutions interpret and manage different issues of citizenship and how they plan to continue addressing these concerns in the future. The format for these panels will be the same as in the call for panels, with each panel anticipating three to five panelists, for a 90-minute duration, including at least 20 minutes for discussion. The duration and delivery of each panelist is flexible within these outer parameters. Each school should only make one presentation on this topic, and each school’s chief academic officer needs to approve the proposal. Apply for a panel on how schools manage issues of citizenship here.

How to Apply
To apply please complete a proposal form using the links above and submit your proposal by 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 11, 2018. Outcomes of the proposal process will be announced by June 15, 2018.

Registration for the 2018 AICAD Symposium, Artists/Designers/Citizens, opens in May 2018. The registration fee includes all sessions Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It also covers breakfast and lunch on Wednesday and Thursday with breakfast on Friday, as well as an evening reception and dinner on Wednesday.

Early Bird (August 15, 2018): $360
After August 15, 2018: $395

Hotel Information
SAIC has secured a special rate at the Palmer House Hilton for the duration of the symposium.

In order to reserve a room please follow this link to the booking website.

​2018 AICAD Symposium, Call for Proposals

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