Kosmider Documentary, TransJourney, Shows on RI PBS

Alexia Kosmider (Senior Lecturer, Literary Arts + Studies) recently had her documentary, TransJourney, shown on Rhode Island PBS.

From Rhode Island to Seattle, Sandra embarks on a cross-country road trip to share in the world of her former son, now Annabelle, recently transitioned as a woman. As Sandra learns from Annabelle’s mentor Shannon, an older transgender woman fully at home in her identity, and shares the joy of Annabelle’s’ new relationship, we see in these 3 women’s yearnings and struggles a reflection of the way we all perceive identity, family, and belonging.

Kosmider said of the film that is it about “a mother’s love and support for her daughter as I think at the time the film was made people forgot that transgender people were like anyone with families and normal desire like wanting to get married and so forth.  We wanted to bring this into close focus in our documentary.  Annabelle’s mentor (she lived in  Seattle)  was an older  transgender woman Shannon, who is also in the film. Shannon, had the exact opposite experience  with her family –essentially her adult children did not accept her as Shannon so we wanted to explore this idea further in the film. Perhaps as a warning to families that are not willing to accept their children or other family members’ transition. Most viewers comment that they love the women in the film and Sandra is so affirming as a mother. We thought this was an essential message to explore.”

TransJourney premiered in the Rhode Island International Film Fest and went on to the Wicked Queer Film Festival (Boston) and several  other festivals and won the Audience Award at the Palm Springs Gay & Lesbian Film Festival in 2015.

Alexia Kosmider, documentary, Rhode Island PBS, TransJourney

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