Announcement EHP Chief Critic and RISD Seoul Lead

Academic Affairs is delighted to announce the 2017-2018 appointments of the Chief Critic for RISD in Rome: European Honors Program (EHP) and the RISD in Seoul program.

Paola Demattè will serve as Chief Critic for EHP for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 semesters. In this role, Paola will lead the studio program for the EHP for both semesters. Paola is excited to return to the EHP and Rome, where she served as a Visiting Scholar and led a short-course for EHP students titled: “China in Rome: archaeology, art and east-west exchanges past and present.” As the Chief Critic in Rome, Paola is excited to explore with students such themes as books, walls, and mapping as well as their relation to the unique Rome/China connections.

Paola is a long-standing member of RISD’s community where she is Professor of Chinese Art and Archaeology in the History of Art and Visual Culture department. Paola’s research and teaching include such topics as: the origins of Chinese writing, pre-dynastic urbanism, archaic jades and funerary art and on Jesuits’ activities in China. She has also curated an exhibition at the Getty Center and co-authored an award-winning volume on Sino-European exchanges in the 16th through the 19th centuries (China on Paper, Getty Publications 2007).

Brian Kernaghan will serve as the faculty lead for the RISD in Seoul semester long program in Fall 2018. RISD in Seoul is a partnership with Ewha Womans University, where Brian and a group of RISD students –from across disciplines—will be in residence and collaborating with Ehwa faculty and students on a studio-based project. Under Brian’s direction as the faculty lead, the RISD in Seoul program for Fall 2018 will take as its framework “The New Silk Road: Culture as Currency,” and will engage students in this thematic through their studio-based work.

Brian is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Interior Architecture at RISD where he was Department Head from 1996-2010. His previous academic position was Director of the BA (Hons) Interior Design course at Kingston University in London, and prior to that he was a practicing designer in Edinburgh, Scotland, where his professional work included interiors and exhibition design. He has taught many parts of the department’s curriculum, but most recently his teaching interests have concentrated on museum and exhibition design studios, around the idea of The Narrative Museum. He has taught several times for RISD during the DIS (Denmark’s International Studies) summer program in Copenhagen. Brian served as Chief Critic for RISD’s European Honors Program during Fall 2011.


The deadline for students to apply for RISD in Rome: EHP and RISD in Seoul is April 9, 2018.

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