Ryskin ‘Wanders’ Now On View

Masha Ryskin (Assistant Professor, Experimental and Foundation Studies) currently has a group exhibition, Wanders, on view at the Chazan Gallery at the Wheeler School (228 Angell Street, Providence) through 7th March 2018. Ryskin is exhibiting with Serge Marchetta who she has worked with since 2012.

The mixed media work of Ryskin and Marchetta addresses notions of mapping and space. Both artists are particularly interested in the transformation of a static work as a result of light, air movement, as well as the interaction of the natural and the man-made. Their work addresses the ambiguity of spatial relationships and the perception of reality in our immediate surroundings. Light, shadows, and video projected onto the mixed-media drawings constitute central elements of their creative process and work. Wanders, includes drawings on paper, mylar, and acetate, digital prints and drawing installations.


Chazan Gallery, Exhibition, Experimental and Foundation Studies, Masha Ryskin, Serge Marchetta

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