Blackburn Exhibition FEED

Jean Blackburn (Professor, Illustration) currently has a solo show entitled, Feed, on view at Pierogi gallery (155 Suffolk Street, New York) through to 18th February 2018.

Feed is constructed from 12 tables that are stacked or attached to each other in various ways. Some lean on others. Some slide together. Others pierce holes. Material is cut from the tables and milled into strips that are used to create a rectilinear meander that penetrates but unites the tables. Suggestive of rooms, architecture, diagrams, hierarchies and relationships this meander creates a weave of interconnections and dependencies.

Additional tables, built at the scale of models or toys will be incorporated into the configuration. Several circular pieces cut from the tables will be turned into wooden plates or bowls. While providing a site for consumption, some parts of the tables are also eaten away, preyed upon. Some things are nurtured or echoed in delicate structures; others are plundered for material or left to wither Materials grow into each other; new structures emerge at the cost of older ones. The boundaries of an object’s definition interest me most. I push my objects until they are on the verge of a multitude of other possibilities.


conceptual art, domestic art, FEED, furniture, home, Illustration, installation, Jean Blackburn, Pierogi gallery, Sculpture

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