Knowles Publishes on Membrane based Enclosures

Jonathan Knowles (Professor, Architecture) and his fellow authors; Helen Bergstrom (Brown University), Ryan Abendroth (Washington University), and Derek Stein (Brown University) have recently published an article entitled, Performance Based Simulations for Membrane based Enclosures, in the fall issue of the TAD Journal (Technology | Architecture + Design).

The authors outlined the design process of Techstyle Haus, which was informed by using a number of different software tools including the thermodynamic and hygrothermal analysis tools WUFI Passive and WUFI Plus, and the daylighting simulation tool DIVA. Techstyle Haus showed that an innovative, low U-value wall assembly with an insulation system could be quick to install, lightweight, and adjustable to many forms while minimizing thermal bridging and moisture buildup. The article further demonstrates an envelope assembly that improves upon conventional wall construction by combining advanced membranes with a tensile enclosure.

Architecture, Jonathan Knowles, TAD Journal, Techstyle Haus

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