Kosmider Wins Screenplay Award

Alexia Kosmider (Senior Lecturer, Literary Arts + Studies) recently won first prize in the James L. Seavor LGBTQ Screenplay Competition Award at the Rhode Island International Film Festival for her script, Small Steps in Black Birkenstocks, which was co-authored with Marianne Messinawon. The screenplay focuses on Lori, an older lesbian, who after losing her life partner tries to find love online, with an unlikely group of friends and a vindictive ex, egging her on, Lori gets involved in the surprisingly hilarious complications of modern day courtship.

Kosmider developed the first draft of the script during her sabbatical fro RISD, which was then refined through a process of collaboration with her writing partner. Kosmider said of the process of writing the script that “We wanted to make certain that the film was funny and the story accessible to an audience.  Our fear, was, of course, that no one would think the script was funny or had depth. After the reading we eliminated one scene that never came alive in the reading and sent it [the script] off to the Rhode Island International Film Festival.”

Alexia Kosmider, James L. Seavor LGBTQ Screenplay Competition Award, Literary Arts & Studies, RHode island International Film Festival

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