Schneider, Forrest, Vobis Publish on Chicago Horizon

Brett Schneider (Assistant Professor, Architecture) recently co-authored a paper for the 2017 International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering (IABSE)  Symposium, Engineering the Future.

The paper was entitled, Development of a Two-way Column-supported Flat Plate in Cross Laminated Timber, and was co-authored with Aaron Forrest (Assistant Professor, Architecture) and Yasmin Vobis (Critic, Architecture). It was also subsequently included in the conference proceedings.

The paper’s subject was, Chicago Horizon, a pavilion for the 2015 Chicago Architecture Biennial that is composed of a flat roof made entirely out of Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT). The application of two-way column supported flat plate in timber (for both the gravity system and as part of the lateral-load-resisting system) is possibly unique to this structure. This paper details the analysis, design, detailing and fabrication of the structure relating each to the translation of the flat plate structural type to CLT. This paper highlights: the comparison between two conceptual options for flat plate realization; the application of fasteners at 45 degrees to provide shear reinforcement of CLT locally; and the use of the laminated timber columns moment connected to the CLT flat plate to form the pavilion’s lateral load-resisting. This unique application was developed through a close collaboration between the authors (architects, engineers and fabricators) and is the development of a new structural type in mass timber.

Image credits: Naho Kubota

Aaron Forrest, Architecture, Brett Schneider, IABSE, paper, publication, Yasmin Vobis

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