One Small Step for Lye

Michael Lye (Assistant Professor, Industrial Design) was featured on Horizon the BBC television’s premier science program. In an episode titled, Mars – A Traveler’s Guide, Lye was interviewed and filmed testing the MS1 space suit simulator in the Kilauea Iki crater on the big island of Hawaii. Lye was featured on the program along with other researchers and NASA scientists preparing for future missions to Mars.

The crater, a solidified lava lake from the 1959 eruption of the Kilauea volcano, served as useful analog for the Martian environment and ideal test site for the MS1, a prototype space suit simulator built with students Kasia Matlak, Erica Kim, Sung Wha Kang, David Walden and others, replicates the sense of wearing a space suit as it would feel to a Martian explorer. Lye serves as the NASA Coordinator for this project. The program will be aired in the US on the Science Channel in the near future.

Extreme Environments, ID, NASA, Research

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