Gaetano-Adi Exhibits at Transito_MX07

Paula Gaetano Adi (Associate Professor, Experimental & Foundation Studies) work was recently exhibited at Transito_MX07 at the Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico. Gaetano Adi exhibited TZ’IJK, an autonomous robotic agent from her Mestizo Robotics series.

In its seventh biennial installment, Transito_MX is the largest media art festival in Latin America and one of the world´s most prominent international events in art and technology. Titled ¿Cómo decir Nosotrxs? and curated by Pedro Soler, this year’s festival brings together diverse artists, activists, hackers, researchers and scholars to explore ancestral and current wisdoms, sciences, technologies and reflect on the relationships of a complex network of human, non-human, and geological actors.

ancestry, Anthropocene, Digital + Media, Ecologies, EFS, geology, Interspecies, Latin America, machines, New Media Art, Robotics, Transitio_MX Festival

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