Lee published in ‘Photographies’ Journal

Jung Joon Lee (Assistant Professor, History of Art + Visual Culture) was published in the August 2017 issue of photographies. Lee’s article, 1984 A Camptown Story, examines Kim Yongt’ae’s photocollage, DMZ, which consists of photo-portraits he acquired from commercial photo studios in U.S. military camptowns in South Korea.

While discussions on ‘found’ photographs often center on the discourses of archive, appropriation, or vernacularity appended by the cultural specificity of their origins, Lee’s essay proposes a new framework through which Kim’s work is explored, namely transnational militarism and disidentification, a concept put forth by José Esteban Muñoz on minoritarian performativity. Through this framework, DMZ, challenges the binary reading of camptown subjects as victim and victimizer and proposes the performative formation of a new subjectivity.

camptowns, disidentifications, HAVC, Jung Joon Lee, photo-portraits, photographies

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