Van Den Eijnde Publishes New Website

Horse’s head, May 2017, Strasbourg, France.

Gwen van den Eijnde (Assistant Professor, Apparel Design) has recently published a new website :

Fitting, April 2016, Providence, RI.

The website shows a selection of 21 projects, created internationally over the past fifteen years, mainly in France, Germany, Switzerland and Poland. The projects reflect Gwen van den Eijnde’s unique creativity and his interest in collaborative, interdisciplinary work, blending the frontiers between art, fashion and theater. The projects are¬†accompanied by a selection of texts.

Fitting, January 2016, Providence, RI.

The website also features the film Lipizzano, that was shot at Villa Wenkenhof in Riehen/Basel, Switzerland in June 2016, in the frame of Gwen van den Eijnde’s Cultural Prize 2016. The film was made in collaboration with German film maker Marcel Wehn and has an original soundtrack composed by South Korean artist Jae Ho Youn.

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