Gaetano-Adi Presents at Material Desire Symposium at Duke University


Paula Gaetano-Adi (Associate Professor, Experimental + Foundation Studies) presented at Duke University in the Symposium, Material Desire in the Digital Age, hosted by the Humanities Futures Franklin Humanities Institute, and the Department of Art, Art History & Visual Studies on 7-8 September, 2017.

The symposium closely probed the complex processes of current modes of cultural production and reception involve the immediate and deep pasts. Technological obsolescence, the physical archive, and the contemporary artist’s re-engagement with pre-digital technologies are a few of the topics explored during the two day event. The symposium also featured contemporary artists, whose new work exploits older or analog technologies, and theorists, curators, archivists, and academics whose scholarship considers the role of the analog in the twenty-first century.

computation, Desire, digital, Duke, Materiality, materials, Pre-digital, symposium

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