Artists United for Social and Political Interventions

Andrew Freiband (Assistant Professor, Film Animation Video) along with many other members of the RISD community – students, alumni, and faculty – are organizing Artist’s Working Groups in NY, LA, RI, and elsewhere, to develop culture-rebuilding interventions and responses to the rising tide of white supremacy, patriarchy, and nativist nationalism represented by the American far right.

These artists meetings don’t strictly leverage aesthetic skill or craftsmanship to develop activist art; instead the Working Groups tap into the unique literacies and systemic sensitivities that artists possess regardless of their primary making discipline. After months of conceiving, incubating, and scaling these interventionist projects, on 15th October the Working Groups will be beginning a yearlong residency at Brooklyn’s Pioneerworks, by teaming with the Yes Men and Creative Time for a free, open-to-the public forum entitled, WTF Do We Do Now? Attendees will be able to convene and develop new ideas for making change in America using artists’ literacies, and projects emerging from the forum will be eligible for development and incubation during the subsequent Artists Working Group meetings and workshops.

Andrew Freiband, creative time, FAV, Fine Arts, Pioneerworks, YesMen

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