Lostritto at Computational Image Exhibition

Carl Lostritto (Assistant Professor, Architecture) will have his work  exhibited, he will give a talk and he offer a workshop at the forthcoming, Designing the Computational Image + Imagining Computational Design Exhibition, at Carnegie Mellon’s Miller Gallery in Pittsburgh, PA on October 7th and 8th. The exhibit, which draws from both history and contemporary practices to “examine the origins of computational design practices and speculate about their future,” opens on September 22nd and was organized by CMU Assistant Professor Daniel Cardoso Llach.

Lostritto is showing four original new drawings in dialogue with the historic content of the exhibit. His talk is titled “Beyond Nostalgia: drawing discipline from the brief pen-plotter era”

The exhibition journeys through the formative period of numerical control and computer-aided design technologies, shedding light on the technical and cultural origins of present-day design languages. Materials on display will include photographs, artifacts and films drawn from archives at different institutions — including Carnegie Mellon University (CMU), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Cambridge, among others — illustrating the confluence of governmental, academic and industrial concerns about design, creativity and manufacturing in multidisciplinary research laboratories during the postwar period. Alongside these historical materials, a series of interactive software reconstructions developed by CMU students, and a selection of recent experimental works by architects, designers and artists will illustrate how the computer has evolved as a design medium in recent decades.

The exhibition will run through November 12, 2017, with other venues to follow after its initial run. RSVP HERE.

Architecture, Carl Lostritto, computation, drawing, History, technology

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