Soulellis Leads RISD Reykjavik

Paul Soulellis (Assistant Professor, Graphic Design) has recently returned from leading the RISD Reykjavik program. The students were able to engage in a diverse range of experiences that included explorations of Iceland’s unique landscapes and also working with two New York City based sound/video artists for the last three weeks of the program. The culmination of the students work came at an exhibition hosted by an independent gallery-performing arts venue in Reykjavik. ┬áSoulellis said of the event “We took away all of the chairs and students and the public lounged on carpets and pillows that we all brought to the venue. It was beautiful. Each student staged their work in different ways, from installations to performances.”

In addition to the performance and gallery event the project also produced a collaborative publication, which was printed as a workshop with a local artist in her studio.

More images from the RISD Reyjavik program can be found here

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