Freiband Presentation on Artist-Driven Research

Andrew Freiband (Senior Critic, Film/Animation/Video) is presenting research at the 7th Annual International STEM/STEAM Education Conference at Hawaii University in Honolulu on June 9. He’ll be showing work into his investigation into forms of qualitative data that artists have unique access to, and how to better leverage this knowledge in contemporary complex problem solving. Using underutilized forms of information such as filmmakers’ literacy in Narrative and performing artists’ literacy in Interpersonal Dynamics, he’ll demonstrate artist-driven research that, among other things, helps intervene in East African elephant poaching, maps the blind spots in the American criminal justice and mass incarceration systems, and unveils the depth of gender bias on both sides of the US political spectrum.

A foray into perceived-causal (narrative) research into mass incarceration, criminal and social justice systems, and their effects on the lives of peripherally-involved children.
AudioVisual Analysis Data and Performance still from a narrative- and performative-research project re-enacting the Trump-Clinton debates designed to lay bare and identify the sources of the implicit gender bias of viewers.

Andrew Freiband, FAV, Steam, STEM to STEAM

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