Yeadon project featured in Landscape Architecture

Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture) and his collaborators in Scotland are featured in the March issue of Landscape Architecture Magazine for their large land art installation project, Wind Forest. In his article entitled, The Art of Infrastructure, staff writer Timothy E. Schuler examines the new energy infrastructure that will be provided by wind power and reviews a number of projects and publications, including Wind Forest, which “uses bladeless wind turbines to create a series of inhabitable groves, turning the hillside into something between a public park and a power plant. The project is being prototyped on site next year.”

Wind Forest is a permanent installation that uses placemaking and an innovative form of oscillating wind power to generate electricity at the scale of urban infrastructure. Capable of powering about 300 dwellings, the project will be an important part of the creation of park-like spaces that are integrated into the fabric of the new mixed-use development currently being planned for Dundas Hill, in Glasgow, Scotland. The project team includes: Yeadon Space Agency, ZM Architecture, Dalziel + Scullion, and Qmulus Ltd.

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