Soleimani Awarded MacColl Johnson Fellowship

Sheida Soleimani (Lecturer, History Philosophy + the Social Sciences) has been awarded the one of three Robert and Margaret MacColl Johnson Fellowships by the Rhode Island Foundation. The grant awards of $25,000 are considered to be among the largest no-string-attached grants available to artists in the United States and are as such extremely competitive.

Soleimani stated that “My most recent works have been extremely expensive to make, from printing source images on paper and fabric, to fabricating and filling the forms of the executed women. This will make buying materials for experimentation possible.” she went on to explain that “The grant will aid me in producing exhibitions to show nationally and internationally, while generating conversations with global communities in regards to the issues I am discussing within my works.”

HPSS, international, MacColl Johnson Fellow, Sheida Soleimani

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