Exhibition: Jean Blackburn at Rufius Fane

Jean Blackburn (Illustration, Professor) is currently on show in a new solo exhibition at the Rufius Fane Gallery (460C Harrison Avenue) in Boston, MA.

Known for her work that addresses the domestic, Blackburn creates fabric elements from bed sheets, curtains, tablecloths, napkins, etc. that weave through the entire installation of various domestic furnishings. The cross-lacing warp and weft bring individual parts into tension, producing a mesh of interdependencies and connections. Other objects mutate, are reused, or devolve. Wood from a dresser’s drawers becomes a latticed doorframe and a pile of sawdust. Blackburn explores the complexities of our concept of home as a place that may or may not live up to the shelter, comfort, and familiarity we seek.

More information can be found here

Exhibition, Illustration, Jean Blackburn, Rufius Fane

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