Exhibition: Attai Chen ‘A BARBARIAN, A TITLE, & A MIRACLE’


Attai Chen (Critic, Jewelry + Metalsmithing) has a new group exhibition entitled, A BARBARIAN, A TITLE, & A MIRACLE, which opens on the 9th March at the Verein für Original-Radierung (Ludwigstr. 7) in Munich.

The exhibition, ‘A BARBARIAN, A TITLE, & A MIRACLE’ is designed like a collage, created from the collision of diverging and intersecting nuggets of meaning. A group show is always a kind of assemblage of diverging artistic positions, joined temporarily to create a new whole. To this end, this exhibition is like a game of scrabble, juxtaposing our individual bodies of work to expose new meanings. ‘A BARBARIAN, A TITLE, & A MIRACLE’ showcases our most recent jewellery pieces, as well as other bodies of artwork inherent to each of our practices. Working in contemporary jewelry and other mediums, each of us has developed our own distinct methods and language through our work. However, the work is united through a shared sense of curiosity and experimentation, as we each approach the mysteries of nature and conduct our own version of alchemy.

More information can be found here

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