Gregorio’s Crowns Sit Lightly upon Women’s Marchers

Regina Gregorio (Senior Critic, Textiles) spent a hectic week before the historic Women’s March on Washington DC turning her crown concept, originally meant for family and friends, into an idea that could be shared to a much wider community. It is a story that combines design, social activism, family, colleagues, and digital fabrication.

Gregorio started by making 10 slogan crowns for her mother and friends to wear on the Women’s March was able to rapidly manufacture 60 more crowns using a friend’s laser cutter. The crowns feature a variety of slogans including “Ovaries Before Brovaries”, “Feminist Killjoy”, “No Uterus, No Opinion”, and “Off with His Thumbs”. Reflecting on her sources of inspiration Gregorio said “This was the vision I had of people wearing something that makes them feel proud, regal, uplifting and upstanding. There were students of mine from Pratt modeling, kids from the neighborhood — it just felt very much about my community and giving back to my community.”

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Crown, Regina Gregorio, textiles, Women's March

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