Ryskin and Hogarth Present Teaching at AICAD


Masha Ryskin (Assistant Professor, Experimental and Foundation Studies) and Emma Hogarth (Critic, Experimental and Foundation Studies) will give a presentation on their collaborative teaching projects at the AICAD 2016 Symposium, Beyond the BFA, currently being held at the Ringling College of Art and Design. Their presentation is entitled Finding Our Senses: Adjusting Pedagogy to Contemporary Contexts and the abstract can be found below:

The presentation focuses on a Coordinated Project model used in Foundation Studies, where a joint project  “Motion” was given to the same group of students concurrently in Design and Drawing studios. The topic was examined from a multitude of perspectives and explored in both classes. Through the Coordinated Project, we approach these courses not as separate entities but as a series of themes that can run parallel in both disciplines, investigated from a variety of points of view. Instructors Emma Hogarth and Masha Ryskin were present in both studios during the process, offering feedback from the point of view of both disciplines. The Coordinated Project invited students to look for connections and question perceived boundaries between disciplines in the Foundation year.

More information on the AICAD 2016 Symposium can be found here




AICAD 2016, Emma Hogarth, Masha Ryskin, Presentation

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