Werner Presents Workshop and Student Work at MOTYF 2016



Franz Werner (Professor, Graphic Design) will conduct a workshop entitled Visual Discourse at the 2016 International Moving Type Festival (MOTYF2016) being held at the Gutenberg Museum (Liebfrauenstraße 5, Mainz) on the 24th and 25th November 2016.

In addition to his workshop Werner will also feature student work from his classes Type + Image in Motion and Music Video as part of the festival. The students selected are Ashley Min, Chloe Yee May, Connor Griffith, D.K. Lee, Yutong + Yunan Xue, and Hannah Yi.

The central symposium of MOTYF 2016 is entitled Moving Types – Gutenberg Goes Media. It will explore the phenomenon of the dynamic type and its added value compared to its static counterpart in an increasingly multimedia and convergent world is in focus. Typography is becoming more and more omnipresent, and its function has changed from that of purely conveying information to that of an interpersonal protagonist: in its surface area, in space, in time and in self-organizing network structures.

More information on MOTYF 2016 can be found here


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