Chen Exhibition ‘Matter of Perspective’ at Gallery Loupe


Attai Chen (Critic, Jewelry + Metalsmithing) is currently featured in a solo exhibition entitled, Matter of Perspective, at Gallery Loupe (50 Church Street), Montclair, NJ from now until 3rd December 2016.

Chen’s work is informed by the faded hues of his native Israel as well as the saturated colors of his present home in Germany, he explores polarities in both mind and matter. Chen treats raw materials as if encountering them for the first time, without preconception. He utilizes cast-offs, carved wood, layered paper, silver, paint, and graphite, to express his purposeful, substance-based aesthetic. In discussing a brooch by Chen from the collection of Die Neue Sammlung – Design Museum, Munich, master goldsmith Otto Künzli wrote: “It is an impenetrable conglomerate, a rampant form of growth, at once fascinating, alluring, and threatening. I see a struggle, pain, and desperation. And from deep within, a warm light emerges.”

More information can be found here

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