Call for Applications: NCSS Concentration Coordinator

Call for Applications

Concentration Coordinator, Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies (NCSS)

RISD’s Nature-Culture-Sustainability Studies Concentration Advisory Board seeks nominees for a new Concentration Coordinator, to begin in Fall 2017.

Introduced as pilot in Fall 2012 and an official concentration in Fall 2014, the interdisciplinary, cross-school concentration in Nature–Culture–Sustainability Studies (NCSS) invites undergraduates to shape individualized courses of study (21 credits), in which they pursue issues related to environmental humanities and social sciences, emerging technologies, climate change, and eco-arts and sustainable design, among other topics, while developing an informed planetary perspective and broad-based critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The NCSS Coordinator works with staff in the Liberal Arts Division, as well as the Dean of Liberal Arts and the NCSS Advisory Board, to administer the concentration. Major duties include: advising concentrators about selection of courses and progress through concentration, orienting new concentrators, conversing with department heads across the school about possible new NCSS courses, creating the annual NCSS course catalog, arranging presentations to prospective concentrators, convening the NCSS Advisory Board, and planning regular events (lectures, symposia, etc.) to support the intellectual community of the concentration and to promote its mission.

Nominees must be full-time faculty at RISD and willing to serve for a three-year term. The NCSS Concentration Coordinator receives a single TU reduction and a stipend, per the current full-time faculty contract. Those interested in being considered for the position of NCSS Coordinator should send a brief statement of interest to the Advisory Board, by midnight on December 1, 2016, care of Peter Dean (

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