RISD Research (10/04/16)

RISD Research

Find support for your research, including updates and new funding opportunities at the RISD Research website. While there, search our improved funding database, SPINPlus to receive notifications that match your unique research interests.


Call for Submissions:

RISD Research encourages RISD faculty to apply for the 2017 STAC collaborative research funding (http://directory.stac.ri.gov/opportunities/476). RISD faculty Scheri Fultineer, and Nature Lab director Neal Overstrom, received $260,000 in funding from STAC in years past for two separate projects. This grant program is in support of STAC’s partnership with the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR), in which RISD has been actively involved since 2009.

This year’s funding is approximately $800,000 and individual awards will be up to $100,000 over a twelve-month period. The purpose is to support multi-institutional, multi-disciplinary projects that focus on building research capacity and infrastructure across institutions to advance the competitiveness of RI researchers.

This competitive funding support proposals that address research themes related to Coastal Ecology Assessment, Innovation, and Modeling.

Proposals are sought that can:

1. lead to major new research opportunities that can be supported by federal agencies, corporations and/or foundations;

2. contribute towards current or future economic development of the state through technology development and commercialization and/or;

3. contribute to infrastructure development that significantly advances the competitiveness of scientists in Rhode Island to secure additional funding.

Letters of Intent are due October 24, 2016 and full Proposals are due November 21, 2016.

If you are interested in applying, please contact Josephine Martell in the Research office to discuss your letter of intent.

Read the full guidelines here: http://directory.stac.ri.gov/opportunities/476


Current Research Opportunities:


Lighthouse Works Accepting Applications for Artist Fellowships

What: Fellowships are six weeks in length and occur year-round at Fishers Island, NY. While fellows’ primary obligation is to the solitary pursuit of their creative projects, we do ask every artist to participate in a single studio tour, reading or performance for the public at the conclusion of their fellowship.  

When: Application deadline is October 15, 2016.

How much: The program provides housing, food, studio space, a $250 travel allowance, and a stipend of $1,500 to help defray the costs of shipping materials, the purchase of art supplies, and other expenses incurred in making art in a remote location.


Puffin Foundation Issues RFP for Social Justice or Environment Arts Projects

What: Grants will be awarded to individual artist-activists and arts organizations seeking to enrich and inform the public on important subjects such as the environment, social justice, and civil rights.

When: Early Determination Grant Applications are due by November 15, 2016 (Early Determination means that you need funding processed before April 1, 2017).

2017 Grants Applications are due by December 16, 2016.

How much: Foundation grants are relatively modest in size and, therefore, the larger the annual budget, the less likely the foundation may deem the funds necessary. This enables the foundation to prioritize their grants to applicants with fewer organizational resources. The Foundation typically will not consider grants from organizations whose annual budget is $1 million or more.



Contact Josephine Martell at jmartell@risd.edu to schedule a meeting to discuss grant funded research interests and for general questions about research or to discuss partnering with RISD, contact Daniel Hewett via dhewett@risd.edu.

RISD Research (10.04.16)

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