Call for Applications: RISD Seoul Faculty Lead


RISD|Seoul: Fall 2017, Call for a Faculty Lead

Full- and part-time faculty from all divisions are invited to apply to be the faculty lead for the RISD in Seoul semester-long, interdisciplinary studio-based program. The Provost will make the faculty lead appointment upon recommendation from the EHP Committee, which makes recommendations for both the semester-long programs in Rome and Seoul.

Session: Applications should be made for the Fall 2017 semester.

Information: The EHP Committee selects students from various departments to spend one semester on the RISD in Seoul program. The program is a collaboration with Ewha Woman’s University. The RISD faculty member will lead the studio component of the semester program, in close dialogue with studio faculty at Ewha, and they will collaborate with faculty in other academic units at Ewha who will teach the humanities-focused curricular components that will be designed to give deeper insight into Korean culture, history and socio-political and artistic contemporary contexts. RISD Global will support the faculty lead in developing this dialogue with Ewha faculty and building the bridges across our two campuses. Students live in the Ewha dorms, which has full student and life support services and Ewha provides the studio space, as well as faculty residence.

Eligibility requirements for full-time faculty include three years and 18 TUs as full-time faculty at RISD, plus a demonstrated interest in working closely with students from various disciplines. Knowledge of Korea and Korean is also desirable, but not necessary. Ability and willingness to be flexible is essential.

Eligibility requirements for part-time faculty include an accumulated 18 TUs of service as part- time faculty at RISD, plus a demonstrated interest in working closely with students from various disciplines. Knowledge of South Korea and Korean is also desirable, but not necessary. Ability and willingness to be flexible is essential.

Application: The statement of intent should:

Outline your approach to guiding a group of approx. 12 students from across all RISD departments in the RISD, with approximately the same number of students from Ewha’s art and design program, in Seoul through a semester long program. We encourage proposals that suggest a thematic frame for the studio that can connect students to Korean culture, OR to propose a studio format that either encourages independent study in a multi-discipline environment or an inter-disciplinary studio that is formed through group projects and a collaborative working environment, OR one that proposes another format/concept.

Address your interest in working closely with students from various disciplines and departments at RISD

Speak to your readiness to teach a group of RISD + Ewha students in an immersive studio and cultural learning context that demands collaboration with a partner organization, among other entities.

Summarize the specific expertise and interests you will bring to the RISD in Seoul program, i.e. why you? why now?

Please speak to your specific interests in being the faculty lead for RISD’s Seoul-based program at this time, i.e. why Seoul today?

Address why, and how, you think students in the program will benefit from your guidance as the Chief Critic.

Submission: Interested Faculty must send, via email, a statement of intent (approx. 1-3 pages) and curriculum vitae by November 18, 2016, to with “FACULTY LEAD: SEOUL” in the email subject line.

Interviews: The Committee will interview finalists in December (candidates invited to interview and who will not be on-campus are welcome to join via Skype).

Please feel free to discuss the position with RISD Global at The reviewing committee is the EHP Committee, which includes:

Valeria Albani, RISD Global, Ex-officio

Gwen Farrelly, Co-Chair, Ex-officio

Gabriel Feld, Architecture (former Chief Critic)

Ezio Genovesi, EHP, Ex-officio

Ken Horii, Co-Chair, Foundation Studies

Matthew Kenyon, Digital + Media

Susan Van Der Closter, Liberal Arts

Craig Taylor, Painting

Esther Thyssen, History of Art and Visual Culture

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