Interior Architecture Self Study Group on Campus

Related to Interior Architecture’s Self-Study, an Advisory Panel will visit RISD, October 24-26, 2016. The members of the panel are:


Bruce Watson, Director, University of South Wales, Chair of the Advisory Panel

Randall Mason, Chair and Associate Provost, Graduate Program, Historic Preservation, School of Design, University of Pennsylvania

Sylvia Leydecker, Director, 100% Interior, Cologne

Lee Savage, Scenic Designer, Wingspace Theatrical Design, Brooklyn.


RISD’s Board of Trustees established the program of departmental self-studies and visiting panels to help maintain academic programs at RISD, facilitate their ongoing development, and ensure their high quality.

Approximately every five to seven years, each academic department and Academic Commons area generates a self-study and helps to identify panelists from other organizations who are knowledgeable about the particular field.

We bring the panelists to RISD so they can meet members of the department, visit studios and classrooms, and see exhibitions of student and faculty work. Through additional discussions, the visitors consider relationships of the department with other groups at RISD, as well as with constituencies and opportunities beyond the institution. After the campus visit, the panelists provide a report on their observations and recommendations. The department considers this feedback in generating a Departmental Plan, in collaboration with Academic Affairs.

The Board of Trustees considers all of these materials in discussing strengths, weaknesses, and needs of an academic unit as they relate to goals, faculty, students, curriculum, and facilities.

Architecture Self-Study

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