Yeadon Projects Generate International Press


A range of recent publications has featured the work of Peter Yeadon (Professor, Interior Architecture). The online design publication Design Indaba wrote about his BLOOM project collaboration with Jesse Asjes  and Laura Wickesberg, the article was entitled Shape-shifting textile cloud can change sound quality in a room. Allie Shiell reviewed the same project for Materia in BLOOM: The smart textile that responds to sound.

Yeadon’s WIND FOREST collaboration with Dalziel & Scullion, Qmulus, and ZM Architecture was covered by a half dozen journalists over the summer, including Alison Campsie’s Glasgow to harness power of art for renewable energy piece in UK based newspaper The Scotsman. and an article written by Светлана Дувинг, in Moscow’s Зеленый КАТАЛОГ magazine, titled “ЧИСТАЯ ЭНЕРГИЯ В РАДУГЕ И ОДУВАНЧИКАХ.”

The Design Indaba article can be found here

The Materia article can be found here

The Scotsman article can be found here

The КАТАЛОГ can be found here


Peter Yeadon, Yeadon Space Agency

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